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A flame-retardant impregnation of wood under vacuum pressure in an autoclaveimproves considerably the reaction of the wood to the fire. In addition, the wood can be treated to be water and dirt-repellent,making outdoor applications possible.

The manufacturer gives a 10-year guarantee on the flame-retardant properties of treated wood.

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The flame-delaying treatment of wood, textile, reed or Christmas trees with transparent and flame-delaying phosphate-based liquids contributes to fire prevention. The phosphate forms an oxygen-sealing layer that prevents the fire of spreading.

Fire-Proof has developed the Burnstop range to improve the flame-delaying properties of wood and textiles

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Experience and knowledge

Mr Christiaan Vogt has been active in all aspects of fire safety for more than 15 years. With his company Fire-Proof, he is still one of the leading companies in that sector.

In addition to using the autoclave and its own Burnstop product, Fire-Proof also supplies the following products that ensure optimum fire resistance, fire repression, flame delaying, fire prevention and partitioning.

Flame delaying

With flame delaying, the fire behaviour of a certain material is observed. The material is ignited, in a laboratory, in a corner unit and examined for, among other things, flame spread, drop formation and smoke development.

Flame delaying or "flame reaction" is the denominator, used to group some characteristics specific to the material. The flame reaction describes the calorific potential, flammability, flame spread, smoke formation, the release of toxic gases, etc.

Fire Repression

With fire repression, we mean everything that can be used to extinguish a fire. Repression or "response", is therefore the actual fight against fire.

The simplest example of this is extinguishing a fire. Fire repression aims to end the unsafe situation and to limit the damage, as much as possible.

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention is the set of measures that are taken to prevent and limit a fire. It is therefore about recognizing the risks of fire and proactively taking precautions against this.

Companies must do everything in their power to make the workplace as safe as possible for employees. The obligatory fire department report points to fire prevention, whereby they look at the fire hazard at the workplace and thus make a fire analysis of the entire building. Based on this, the authorities (including the fire department) decide which measures must be taken on the basis of repression (active fire protection) and prevention (passive fire protection).


Fireproofing is to increase the fire stability, flame density and thermal insulation of a building material in a construction. In a room, for example, it is measured how long it takes for the fire to spread to another room (fire spread). With a steel construction, it is examined how quickly it collapses under the influence of fire and heat at a certain ballast.

Fire resistance is the time that structures or elements need to lose their intrinsic properties, during which the element can continue to perform its function (supporting, separating or a combination of both).


Fire-resistant partitioning is the dividing of a building into several fire-resistant sections. The aim is to limit the extent of the fire and at the same time to give the people the opportunity and time to escape.

To guarantee the integrity of the different sections, it is essential that every opening or passage in walls, floors and ceilings is sufficiently protected to prevent fire spread.Below you will find a number of examples of our projects in which combustible materials were made fire-retardant and fire-resistant.

Below you will find examples of our projects, in which combustible materials have been rendered flame retardant and fire-resistant thanks to our treatments.

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